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4th Grade

General Education

Welcome to our 4th Grade Remote Learning Home Page! 

Below you will find the links to everything you need for remote learning--parents and students!

Our first whole group ZOOM meeting will take place at 10 AM Wednesday April 1, 2020. Students will access the meeting through their Adams12 email.

Students  Parents

Google Classroom- Students will find links to assigments and videos here.  

Mrs. Keeton´s Classroom

Ms. Ellen´s Classroom

Bloomz- This will be used for communication between teachers and parents

Mrs Keeton´s Bloomz Class Code: 9E74W7

Ms. Ellen´s Bloomz Class Code: FTEC3Z

SeeSaw- Students can also find assigments here. 

This is where assigments will be posted by students for grading and/or feedback.  

Weekly Assignments and weekly schedule! 

This document will be updated every Wednesday with the assignments for the next week.

Students Parents 

***Students or parents should EMAIL their teacher  directly for questions about how to access any of these sites during office hours.

Students will be given attendence points and graded on a weekely bases, although teachers will check in three times a week with the whole class, and twice a week with a small group. These details are included in the Weekely assignmnets document on the second page under Schedule. 

Students will still be graded on a 1-4 rubric for classwork, and their grades will be periodically posted in Seesaw and/or google classroom.