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Students learn about animals and their Wild Senses

Students learn about animals and their Wild Senses

The Studio School recently had a visiting field trip from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science transformed a classroom into a Wonder Workshop, named Wild Senses, where students were able to experience an explorable natural wonderland. Students took on animal behaviors to experience the natural world around them. They learned how to use their sense of smell to locate their food like a squirrel, used their sense of touch to find the insect in a web like a spider, and used infrared detection to see prey like a snake. Students were excited to learn about so many different animals in their classroom!

students dressed as raccoons search for food
students dressed as spiders search for food
students match birds with their offspring
students dressed as squirrels search for food

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: Diverse Learning. Sharing stories of how students receive engaging learning experiences and the focused-attention they need through appropriate student-to-staff ratios and varied programming.