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Studio School celebrates Black History Month in a big way

Studio School celebrates Black History Month in a big way

During the month of February, The Studio School wanted to work on featuring black excellence in our communities from the past and present. We asked our 4th and 5th grade students to pick a person that they would like to research and then share about them during our announcement time each morning. Students have been thrilled to share! This has even prompted some students to step out of their comfort zone to share with the whole school, not just their classes.Younger students have been looking forward to who they will learn about each day. We also have a listening box and display where students can come and push the buttons to listen to the information again. This has also inspired our staff to see how we can incorporate this on a regular basis! We recognize that this is an area we can continue to grow in and we look forward to doing better together.

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: Diverse Learning. Sharing stories of how students receive engaging learning experiences and the focused-attention they need through appropriate student-to-staff ratios and varied programming.